New Hampshire 2012 Tour

This is the tentative plan for Marty's 2012 Trip to Manchester, NH. See the itinerary and map below for more details. Please read on to get more information about the trip. While considering the details, please make note of any questions you may have.

Marty will be handling the driving of this trip. He holds a commercial driver's license (though the van we will be renting doesn't require anything special). His son, Ryan, will be navigating. The trip will be guided by a GPS unit to maximize efficiency and assist in locating dance locations, hotel locations, meal locations and any other stops.

The van will be stocked with a first aid kit, in case of an emergency.

ITINERARY -- Here is the daily itinerary for the trip. A more detailed itinerary is forthcoming and will be distributed in hardcopy before the trip. Click the DANCE! links to see which clubs we're heading to!

The blue road highlighting and placemarkers represent the outbound trip to Nashua, NH. The red road highlighting and placemarkers represent the inbound trip from Nashua, NH. Any purple road highlighting represents common roads used in both inbound and outbound travel. The green man and woman represent a dance location.


LODGING -- For this trip, we'll be partnering with Marriott. Marriott's Fairfield Inn and other brands provide high quality service at a competitive price. We have picked the best value hotels for this trip, attempting to get extras included, like breakfast. Hotel costs vary by place and night stayed, but they are usually within the $75 - $120 range, per night per room. The rooms will be booked in advance, costing about $550 per party (couple) for the whole trip.

FOOD -- You'll be responsible for your own food costs. We'll be stopping at exits along the interstate with plentiful food options. Prices vary widely, but a $10 estimate per lunch and $15 per dinner (per person) will be a very generous over-estimate. Breakfasts are included with hotel fare (unless otherwise noted). Figure $150 for the six day trip, per person. ($300 per party)

DANCING -- You'll be responsible for your own dance costs, but we're trying to negotiate a group rate at each club we visit to defray these costs the best we can (we'll try to get this reduced to half). The normal dance fees are usually around $5 per person per dance. ($25 per person, $50 per couple)

FUEL COST -- The trip is roughly 2200 miles long. The vehicle we are renting gets an EPA estimated mileage rating of 20 MPG. This equates to 110 gallons of diesel fuel, which is about $440 in today's market. Marty will split the fuel costs (as an even party) with each other party (couple). If we have four couples along for the trip, it'll be split five ways, at approximately $90 a party.

TOTAL COST -- Assuming you are traveling with a partner with whom you'll be sharing a room, your estimated expenses will be $550 (lodging) + $300 (food) + $50 (dance entrance) + $90 (fuel) = $990 per couple (or traveling party of two).

These numbers are estimates which are subject to the market economy and other factors. We are trying our best to represent the costs of this trip accurately.