Learn to Square Dance

Marty has been teaching square dancing classes for over 40 years, in conjunction with local square dancing clubs. It's part of his job as a caller to educate dancers, so that maximum enjoyment can be had at his dances. Before many of the regular club dances, Marty often does a thirty minute workshop to help dancers with any questions or dance choreography. Check with your local club to see if they do a workshop before their club dances!

Many clubs offer square dancing classes for new members. These weekly classes run for a minimum of twelve weeks, and they are the fast track to learning how to square dance. Marty's tried and true system not only teaches dancers in a fun way, but connects the new members with established club dancers. By the end of a regular dance, you won't even realize how much exercise you have gotten because it is so much fun!

Contact Marty today, and see where he's starting his next class. Fun, healthy and entertaining--square dancing keeps you going.

See the Land of Sky Learning Page and the Circle 8's Learning Page for square dance classes in the Asheville, NC area.