Smoky Mountain Squares
The most fascinating part of the Smoky Mountain Squares is that I never know who will show up.  Yet the results are the same.  Great dancers, smiling faces, and several bouts of uncontrolled laughter.  This relaxed atmosphere comes alive from the first beat of music.  Special thanks to the Bailey's for bring Herb with them.  Herb danced for approximately 30 years in New Jersey.  Herb has been back dancing for a few months and danced plus level with near perfection.  Suzanne made the arduous trip and danced the man's part for the first time.  What a natural. Thanks for making the trip despite a very precarious weather forecast.    During the dance I urged many dancers to view the late, great Red Skelton's "Pledge of Allegiance".  Please let me know what you think.  Anyone that responds via email that says that they have seen the youtube video of Red's performance will receive a special gift from me.     
Smoky Mountain Squares has moved 749 Fairview Road, Asheville, NC!!   
Let's pack the hall on March 25, 2017.  The fun will be from 7 to 9 PM.  A complete schedule of dances is just a call or email away.  My cell phone 864.909.3950.  Email:
Thank You!!

Words cannot express the love that Suzanne & I felt as you helped us celebrate our recent wedding.  To thank all of you individually would take up my entire website.  We are very grateful to those who donated to the American Canter Society and or Hospice.  The day went by so fast with all of the dancing, fellowship, and the food. 
Circle 8's
The next dance for the Circle 8's will be on April 6 , 2017.  Let's have a record crowd.  A great time awaits all in Asheville!! Please visit the Circle 8's web site:    Thanks
Sylvan Squares
New Business:
Jimmy Roberson, Calling 3/24/17 
Crazy Socks Night
and Hex on 3/25, Hope you signed up!
March 10, 2017
Extended applications of pass the ocean. Ho-hum, NO WAY!  Right side, left side, all guys, all girls, (couples), To Tidal waves, From established waves, and you even nailed a PTO from LH waves.  Just when I threw it all at you, you absolutely hit a grand slam with a PTO, double (first one "normal", second from established wave).  This was a night to remember!!! I am ready to take last night's crowd on tour!!!  Great execution, many looks of "can we really do that?", "From Here?", " I am a girl, where do I hook left arms?" WOW!!!!!

Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County.  11 Gallimore Road, Brevard, NC.  With some experimentation we finally got some decent sound in the hall.  Be there March 24, 2017.   
The extended application mainstream applications workshop will start at 6:30 PM with alternating tips of mainstream and plus from 7 to 9 PM. The featured call will be recycle.  Get ready!!
Cardinal Squares 
Great Guns, our new dancers are doing very well during their third week.  We will be very successful with our very enthusiastic beginning dancers.  Thank you angels for your continued support.  As always the dancing will be at the recreation center located at  316 Lake Road, Salisbury, NC
Great Staff for PIPESTEM 2017

Pipestem, West Virginia here we come, May 5-7, 2017. If you enjoy golf, horse back riding, and square dancing, this is YOUR weekend.  For a copy of the information packed flyer, send me an email request.  Bring a dozen of your closest friends and enjoy remarkable weekend!
68th. National Square Dance Convention benefit dance to be held in Charlotte, NC. April 23, 2017.  The location is the Steele Creek Presbyterian Church.  Many callers and cuers, and line dance instructors will be there for your enjoyment.  There will be two halls, mainstream and plus and one for for advanced.  The Ways & Means committee will have a table set up for registration.  What, you have not registered for the 68th National Square Dance Convention to be held in Atlanta, GA?.  Go to their website at for details and to register.  See you there.  
August 9th:  NEW VIDEO BELOW.  Thanks to Donna and the Swinging Saints for posting it!

Marvin "Marty" Northrup has been a square dance caller for the past four decades, serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida.  Your state, too, just ask!

Swing your partner!  The website is the source for Marty Northrup's square dance calling!  Go to Marty's Youtube Channel to see all the videos that Marty has put on the web.

You can find Marty singing on the following dates for the clubs listed.

Marty Northrup Square Dance Schedule

To book Marty, click here.  Fun, healthy and entertaining--square dancing keeps you going!