Here we go again!

Knoxville Squares September 11, 2021
Little T Squares October 29, 2021
Cardinal Squares Line Dances have started

The PODCAST is up and running.

So easy!  Three New Episodes released.  Go to Google, enter Marty's Podcast.  To date 27 episodes have been produced and enjoyed by many people worldwide.

The Biggest Announcement Ever: 
GoFundMe account set up for LEE KOPMAN

For callers that would like to apply for a scholarship award to attend a caller's school or Callerlab convention, visit and click on the scholarship tab.

Cardinal Squares new dance schedule:  
Contact Marty 
See how much fun you can have at a dance!  Rufty/Holmes Senior Center, MLK Blvd, Salisbury, NC
Circle 8's
Coming Soon!!
7:00 to 9 PM dance
Mainstream with announced Plus Tips 
749 Fairview Rd.,  Asheville, NC.

Upcoming Special Events
Friday Night, September 11, 2021 SDI Hall Tulip Ave, Knoxville, TN
Saturday Night, October 29, 2021 Little T Squares, Lenoir City, TN
Call for me for program details and times.