Excitng Recent Events:
What a warm welcome I received from the dancers during the Northeast Georgia Federation dance in Toccoa.  It was like a flashback to 1950.  A sock hop with poodle skirts, saddle shoes, and one gentleman even adorned a white sport coat and a pink carnation.  Mike McDonald and Debbie McLean did a great job with rounds and lines.  
What could be more fun than a Northeast Georgia Federation square dance?  
The 68th National Square Dance Convention to be held in Atlanta, GA.  Go to their website at 68nsdc.com. for details and to register.  See you there.  

This Week in Review
Location:  High Mountain Squares, Franklin, NC.  
Mike McDonald and Debbie McLean started the program nicely with their round dance and line dance selections.  It is a joy to work with them.   Then came the squares.  With Bob Walker in charge, I knew the night was going to be special.  Bob and Virginia are dear friends.  I need to be on guard when Bob comes up to make announcements as I know that somewhere, somehow, I am going to get it.  The crowd knows that everything that Bob and I say to each other is in the spirit of fun and mutual admiration.  Well, he did it.  He mentioned my recent trip to Callerlab in Norfolk, VA.  Bob and Virginia also attended the convention as representatives of the National Square Dance Convention in Atlanta.  In sincerity Bob let the crowd know at one of the banquets, I received acknowledgement for 40 years of calling.  He was actually nice to me.  That shocked me more than the usually "let Marty have it approach."  He left me speechless.  Go figure that.  Thanks, Bob for your years of friendship and dedication to square dancing.  

Sylvan Squares

Workshops in Brevard have taken on a new dimension.  With the stellar minds of Stan Russell and Jimmy Roberson, I had some great material to use.  I did zoom from about 8 different configurations, cast off 3/4 was also featured.  We explored the call scoot back.  Righty, lefty, mixed sexes turning, from waves, from columns, center box only-while others did..., even the newly expanded application from a 1/4 tag set up.  This was in just the first half hour.  Dancers, you were amazing. Be sure to come to the Sylvan Squares next dance.  Who knows what exciting material awaits you.  You all ready know you will feel right at home with the fun, fellowship, and their amazing food table.  

Circle 8's 
Way to go Tony!  I have heard several good reports of the dance you called for the Circle 8's last Thursday.  Thank you for picking up this dance while I was in Raleigh.  I will be back for the next Circle 8's dance on May 5th.  See you there!!!

Smoky Mountain Squares

Rarely do I take the time to thank so many people who help me in a minutes notice.  Tim Plowman and the staff of the Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department came through with an alternate location for us.  That was only the beginning.  On just a few hours of notice, both Bob Walker and Ed Walters came to my rescue by sending out emails to their extensive networks letting dancers know where we would be dancing. Thank you very much. 

We had a small but talented group of dancers.  I love to watch the dancer's faces when I call a spin chain thru from an alamo ring, and they get it.  Various zooms came into play.  The dancers had great success with some of the interesting choreography that I "researched" online.  Of course there was an occasional mistake (0n my part), but, they forgave me anyway.    See you at SMS next month.

Remember that the new Gateway Squares (PLUS) club will meet on May 14, 

August 9th:  NEW VIDEO BELOW.  Thanks to Donna and the Swinging Saints for posting it!

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