Waterloo Squares-Part 3

It surely is a very long trek to Austin, TX.  Believe me when I say it is worth every mile.  The Waterloo Squares have a different guest caller every dance and the callers come in from as far as Oregon and Massachusetts.  It is an honor to be included on their staff for the 3rd year in a row.  Thank you Ken and Elnora for the booking and serving as my host couple.  

On a side note, I heard some thumping noises coming from the trunk area of my car.  My guess the "Old HIppie" is itching to get out again.  He should be happy as he got out in Laurel, Mississippi.  I know it was a long ride, I was there, too. 

Mardi Gras   
Mike Bramlett on Squares was the featured caller.  Cuer Pauline Angress did a great job of entertaining the crowd.  Over 17 squares were in attendance for the Friday Night celebration and even more are expected for the Saturday night festivities.  My biggest surprise was when Jim and Betsy, Doug and Susan, and Steve and Becky walked in.  For those of you who don't know, Betsy and Susan are Co-presidents of one of my home clubs, the Sylvan Squares, Brevard, NC!!  

Also in attendance were, the Landry's, my host couple from Covington, LA, The Tillery's, my host couple from Laurel, MS, and Ed "Huggy" Gaines, my host from Biloxi, MS.  Huggy's wife was visiting her mother.  Many other callers were there as well.  Most notably was Tony DeGeorge.  He a legend here along the Mississippi coast as he is still calling after 52 years.  What a pleasure it was to talk with him.    

More later,  Happy Dancing, Y'all.
Remember that the new Gateway Squares (PLUS) club will meet on February 13, 2015.  

Circle 8's 
Locked and Loaded would describe the dance in Asheville Friday night.  The dancers were locked on and I loaded them up with some different and somewhat challenging mainstream and plus material.  Left handed square thru's, lefty touch 1/4, lefty dosado, lefty scoot back.  Plus included follow your neighbor with the girls casting and with mixed sexes casting, too.  Great job dancers.  I do not like to point out dancers as it may embarass them, but, I must commend Beth & Larry.  You both have come so far in such a short time.  Keep up the good work!!

August 9th:  NEW VIDEO BELOW.  Thanks to Donna and the Swinging Saints for posting it!

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