Recent Events:
Ozone Squares

Covington, Louisiana is just a short jump from New Orleans.  When the Saints play the area comes alive with black and gold jerseys.  One of the most popular has one with the name of Brees on the back.  I think the crowd at the Ozone Squares dance was about a QUARTERBACK from normal.  I DREW up that conclusion on my own. 

Along with the presidential debates on for this evening, We did not get too "TRUMPLED".     We had four wonderful squares.  They enjoyed Wagon Wheel, and long black train, and Cowboy.  I am surely grateful for the host couples, the Tillery's and the Gaines"".  Thank you so much for opening your homes to me again.  Be sure to mark your calendars for a return visit on February 6, 2017.  Great job, Ozone Squares!!

The hall was nearly to capacity at the Laurelaires in Laurel, MS.  There was room for a few chairs near the back of the hall.  Not only could hey dance quite well, they sang along nicely on Wagon Wheel.  They had a beautiful line dance led by Barbara Tillery to a Bellamy Brothers song.  Strong music with perfectly timed choreography.  The Laurelaires will make you feel like a long-lost cousin when you visit there.  If you do not believe me, come to their dance on February 7, 2017.  See you there.

Congratulations to new Mommy and Daddy,  Elizabeth and Kevin Northrup!!!!  Their daughter, Ella Violet was born on September 15, 2016.  Latest news that the entire family is home from the hospital and all is well.    
Circle 8's 30th Anniversary Dance.  Stan Russell will be calling Thursday, September 15th.  Join Circle 8's in their celebration.  
Kentucky State Square Dance Convention this weekend in Louisville!  Hopefully they will have a large turnout.  I will keep you posted. 
Second Southern Tour to Mississippi and Louisiana on the 26 and 27 of September.  Back in Brevard for the  class on the 28th.  Road trip anyone?
  Cardinal Squares  
What a night we had in Salisbury.  Excitement and enthusiasm were on tap as the square dance phrase "WIND IN YOUR FACE" dancing was done most of the night.  Great job, Cardinal Squares and friends.  See you tonight, 9/13 for another wonderful square dance!!
Circle 8's
Join us on October 6, 2016.  

Sylvan Squares

When you visit Sylvan Squares it is like visiting family.  The laughter, smiles, hugs, and a little dancing thrown in for good measure makes for an enjoyable evening.  How many squares will the hall hold?  Come fill it up and we could answer that question.  See you in Brevard, Friday,  September 23th.  Remember that the workshop starts at 6:30 PM.
Gateway Squares

A great turnout of nearly 2 squares made the latest Gateway Squares a great success.  Thank you dancers for your support.  Mark your calendar for October 8. 2016.  The Old Armory building in Waynesville will come alive starting at 6:30 pm.  As western North Carolina's newest PLUS  club, the dancing will be energetic and fresh.  

Smoky Mountain Squares

The Smoky Mountain Squares will be combined with the Gateway Squares.  I believe that the crowds will be better with the plus level.  The next dance will be on October 8, 2016.   

The 68th National Square Dance Convention to be held in Atlanta, GA.  Go to their website at for details and to register.  See you there.  
August 9th:  NEW VIDEO BELOW.  Thanks to Donna and the Swinging Saints for posting it!

Marvin "Marty" Northrup has been a square dance caller for the past four decades, serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida.  Your state, too, just ask!

Swing your partner!  The website is the source for Marty Northrup's square dance calling!  Go to Marty's Youtube Channel to see all the videos that Marty has put on the web.

You can find Marty singing on the following dates for the clubs listed.

Marty Northrup Square Dance Schedule

To book Marty, click here.  Fun, healthy and entertaining--square dancing keeps you going!