Pisgah Promenaders
With style and pizzazz the Pisgah Promenaders danced fan the top from every conceivable position.  Girls doing the cast, boys doing the cast, mixed sexes casting, even casting with the right hand, starting from parallel waves, tidal waves, 1/4 tag, did not phase the dancers at all.  Keep in mind that was only the workshop part of the program.  As we danced the night away, the dancing got hotter and hotter.  Finally at the end of the evening, I finally got warm enough.  So much that somehow my jacket came off.  I am glad that was the last lap of the Thank You circle.  I was soon running out of disposable clothing.  Thank you Promenaders for a very enjoyable evening.

Hospice Dance, October 4, 2015, 2-5 PM
The Hospice Dance will be held at Pride RV Resort, Maggie Valley.  Again this year, Jerry Story & Tony Oxendine have generously donated the use of their beautiful facility for this event,  Thank, Guys!!  Our very own callers, Jerry Biggerstaff, Jim Duncan, Marty Northrup, Ken Perkin, and Stan Russell will be featured during the dance.  Sell your tickets and come dance for a great cause.  They have some fantastic prizes up for bid,  A WEEK AT THE ONE AND ONLY PRIDE RV RESORT IS ON TAP, once again, thank you Tony & Jerry.  Wow, how about a week long vacation at the Outerbanks?  Yes, a wonderful prize donated by the Partin family (from the Southern LIghts).  Let's shoot for $6,000, we can do it!
August 9th:  NEW VIDEO BELOW.  Thanks to Donna and the Swinging Saints for posting it!

Marvin "Marty" Northrup has been a square dance caller for the past four decades, serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida.  Your state, too, just ask!

Swing your partner!  The martynorthrup.com website is the source for Marty Northrup's square dance calling!  Go to Marty's Youtube Channel to see all the videos that Marty has put on the web.

You can find Marty singing on the following dates for the clubs listed.

Marty Northrup Square Dance Schedule

To book Marty, click here.  Fun, healthy and entertaining--square dancing keeps you going!