Circle 8's
The smell of turkey, dressing, freshly baked pies, fill our senses with anticipation of great times of food, family, friendship, and love.  I get nearly the same feelings when I hear the music start up at every Circle 8's dance.  Let's compare:  
Dressing: Yes, we have clothes on for the dance.
Freshly baked pies:  Enjoyable food abounds in kitchen.
Turkey:  Well, we have Marty calling, enough said!
Circle 8's welcomes you with open arms to dance off what ever is left of your Thanksgiving holiday feast.  See you there on December 3, 2016.  

August 9th:  NEW VIDEO BELOW.  Thanks to Donna and the Swinging Saints for posting it!

Marvin "Marty" Northrup has been a square dance caller for the past four decades, serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida.  Your state, too, just ask!

Swing your partner!  The website is the source for Marty Northrup's square dance calling!  Go to Marty's Youtube Channel to see all the videos that Marty has put on the web.

You can find Marty singing on the following dates for the clubs listed.

Marty Northrup Square Dance Schedule

To book Marty, click here.  Fun, healthy and entertaining--square dancing keeps you going!